Working in a wide range of media, but specializing in glass and metal, Zoe Bacon informs her art and craft with foundational work in Pittsburgh and Bellingham—the steel and the glass of her story.  She likes to work both large and small. At the one end are large, graceful kiln-formed glass panels, bowls, and architectural pieces. At the other end, her serious study of color and light are stunningly evident in her large formed bowls, blown vases, glasses, jugs, and globes, while her delight in whimsey is shared in her garden ornaments and critters.

    Gardens play a large role in Zoe’s life and art. Many of her pieces, particularly her gates, benches, and fences, decorate private and public spaces. According to the needs of each project, these installations are crafted of glass, stainless steel, or wood.

    Zoe has recently begun a series of etched motorcycle images on auto glass. She can do custom orders for both images and particular glass areas.


A bowl like that above, approximately 40 inches across, is featured in an article in the August 2015 issue of Better Homes & Gardens. Other colors and sizes are available.

Be sure to visit Zoe at the Gorge Glasshaus at McMenamin’s Edgefield Manor.

And check out this article from The Chronicle on her work

in St Helens, Oregon, for their Arts Commission.

The Art & Craft of Zoe Bacon